Below is a summary of the monthly campaigns that we perform on your behalf. This report intends to give more dynamic view of your ongoing campaigns along with comprehensive keyword data. NOTE: This report’s format is much different than previous formats. Part of our discussion in our call this month will be discussing the new format.

PPC Summary

In September, we saw the biggest gains compared to any other month. In Elijay alone, we saw 11 clicks and 222 impressions. We also saw our first customer come through an ad campaign (Almada Lee).

Below are the overall stats for the month of September:

17 Clicks

SEO Summary

In September, we continue to see fantastic results and growth of the keywords that we set out to target. This month marks the beginning of a new campaign strategy that we’ll be discussing with you. Below are the some keywords we’d like to discuss (popcorn related search terms), a series of other sort types, as well as a comprehensive list of all 1000 terms we are tracking as a part of your account.

Note: We are now tracking results on a monthly average, versus a snapshot at the beginning of the month like before. This new reporting method shares the same values: results 1 through 10 are on the first page of Google, 11 through 20 or on the second page of Google, etc.