McNair Media Blog

Introducing McNair Web

McNair Media is announcing the release of McNair Web. a complete business solution to meet the needs of a growing business.

Designing for Dark Mode

Learn about how we approach dark mode when it comes to branding and design and how we bring this popular feature to our clients websites and apps.

iPadOS and iOS 15 Review

Apple has released version 15.0 of its iPad and iPhone operating system. Learn more about the update, whether or not you should upgrade just yet, or if you should start looking at getting a new device…

New Nonprofit Plans Available

McNair Media has just released new plans for nonprofit that include affordable mobile apps and donation solutions. With a simple monthly fee, nonprofits can launch apps into the Apple App Store and th…

Now Offering Church Plans with Mobile Apps

McNair Media has just released new plans for churches that include affordable mobile apps and Smart TV solutions.

Approaching a Cross Platform App Project

Have you heard of cross platform frameworks? They promised to provide more affordable and faster rollout of applications. Read what our thoughts are on cross platform frameworks and how you can move f…

McNair Media App Launches in App Store

McNair Media is proud to announce our own native mobile app for iPhone® and iPad® has launched in the App Store®. Our app provides up to date news, tips and tutorials to aid business owners and market…

iCloud+ a Gamechanger for Small Teams?

We have been testing out Apple’s new custom domain feature to see how iCloud+ could serve as a replacement for Microsoft’s or Google’s email and productivity suites.

Apple Maps Now Has Native User Ratings in the US

Apple has finally released its native review system in the US. Learn more about the new user review system, some of the new features within it, and what this means for local retailers and other points…

Android 12 Preview

Learn about Google’s upcoming mobile operating system and the big changes that are coming! We also have a list of phone recommendations if you’d like a compatible Android smartphone.

Online Payments are Essential for Small Businesses

Learn about the misconceptions with credit card processing fees, electronic bank drafting and how online payments can help your business!

Windows 11 Preview

Microsoft has unveiled its upcoming operating system and have released a public beta. We have been running it for a few weeks now and have some initial thoughts.

Spending Too Much Time on Social Media?

Learn about the ramifications of spending too much time on your business/organization’s social media.

How Does Google Pick What Shows in Search Results?

SEO is a perplexing topic for many. Learn about this new Google feature that can help you better understand why things rank!

Trying to be an influencer?

Influencers have taken over the Internet and has become a hot topic for many. Interested in becoming an influencer? We shed some light on the influencer trend and things to consider in your pursuit.

Approaching App Development for Small Businesses

Learn what you should be thinking about as you approach an app development project and common pitfalls that hinder their success.

Search Engines Should Be Key to Your Marketing

Learn about the importance of focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) for your marketing efforts.

What is a Web Tracker?

Web tracking and browser cookies have been in the news a lot lately, which is resulted in a lot of renewed interest and questions around the topic. The purpose of this is to give a comprehensive overv…

Windows 11 Means Web Apps are Real Apps

Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 11 announced Progressive Web App (PWA) or Web App support within the new Microsoft Store for apps.

PayPal Rates Increasing August 2nd

PayPal is increasing its card processing rates on August 2nd. If you rely on PayPal in any way, you need to read this!

Windows 10 Support Ends on October 14, 2025

A Microsoft support document for Windows 10 was recently edited to add the end-of-life date of Windows 10, paving the way for the “Next Generation Windows”.