Instagram is Prototyping Location Data Setting

TechCrunch reported a few days ago that Instagram is testing a new privacy setting that would allow it to share your location history (including your GPS coordinates) over to Facebook.

Well, that’s creepy

Yes, it is definitely creepy. We’ve never been a big fan of further data collection like this example. Simple information like the city you reside in is sufficient, especially to consumer products and service advertising.

Will this matter in making better ads?

Possibly, but we’ll have to see. The current data seems to work fine and we have managed plenty of successful campaign using the current location configuration.

I don’t like this, how do I turn this off?

According to a Facebook spokesperson that talked with TechCrunch, nothing has changed with your current location settings. It sounds like this isn’t currently happening in the background when using Instagram, but that could change. This report could be Facebook moving to make the change, but building in an off-switch to avoid a PR nightmare.