McNair Media provides service retainers to our clients to assist with a variety of needs from design and development changes, marketing, advertising and consulting. An ongoing service retainer helps keep projects on budget and on a consistent timeline.

What’s a Service Retainer?

Our Service Retainers provide discounts on our hourly rate for our clients that prepay for their hours with a monthly payment and agree to a 6 or 12 month term agreement. These hours can be used for consulting time, graphic design, web development, and content management/loading.

How Does it Work?

Our service retainers are structured as a set amount of hours allotted for each month. These hours can be used towards any consulting, graphic design, web development, and content management/loading service you choose. Unused hours in a given month can roll over one (1) subsequent month before they expire and any additional hours can be purchased at the retainer’s discounted rate. Hourly usage reports are sent at the end of each month.

Why Our Clients Love It

Having a bank of hours each month is a great way to plan ahead. Our clients enjoy the ease of simply contacting our support team to get a project or task completed without a new proposal process or having to their accounts payable department. Our clients can also empower staff members to engage with McNair Media on getting new content created.

EFFICIENT and Detailed

Many clients don’t want to work in a retainer agreement due to the fear of losing unused hours that have been paid for. We only recommend a retainer that you’d actually use throughout the retainer agreement and we can provide recommended uses for monthly retainer hours that can help grow your web presence. All work is estimated before the work starts and we update you along the way. We also provide accurate time tracking reporting that is available within our client portal.

Serving the SouthEast and United States

McNair Media has worked with some of the biggest businesses in the Southeast to help grow businesses in a profitable manner. We are more than just a web development company, we are robust business consulting firm with a full stack of services that will help make your business successful.

We have been serving businesses of all kinds around the southeast, including the Nashville, Atlanta, and Chattanooga areas. We have also expanded into Los Angeles, and into the Midwest and Northeast parts of the United States. We specialize in a variety of verticals, ranging from professional services, nonprofits, medical, churches, legal, and manufacturing. Our clients agree that we are the right choice as an ongoing marketing and design support team.