McNair Media Launches Webinar Resources

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If you follow us on social media, you know we have been talking about search engine optimization all month. We started with our blog post SEO: What is it and what isn’t it?. You can read it now if you have questions like “What does SEO mean?” and “Why does SEO matter?”. If you have those questions answered, we have good news.

You can start improving your online presence today.

We know about small business and we know small businesses don’t always have a huge marketing budget. That doesn’t mean you can’t reach your goals. We put together three resources all about SEO and what YOU can do today to boost your businesses’ online presence.

Watch our FREE webinar now!

McNair Media owner and president, Erik McNair, put together a consulting session just for you all about SEO and the basics behind making search engines work for you, not against you.

Enter the promo code itsonus at check out to get the webinar FOR FREE. The code expires September 28th so don’t wait!

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